Monday, September 12, 2011

Tour of My Pantry and Food Storage

Cabinet: Top shelf:  brown rice pasta, brown rice (long grain and instant). 2nd Shelf: Gluten free flour, cornmeal, gluten free pizza crust mix, bread crumbs, homemade ranch mix, and whole wheat flour (not pictured because it was in use). 3rd Shelf: spices and spice mixes.
My pantry, which is very small. Top shelf: water bottles, pitchers, foil, storage bags. 2nd shelf: tea, honey ( reg and raw), coffee, baking supplies ( raw sugar, flaxseed, maple syrup, nuts, oatmeal, baking soda) and random candle. 3rd Shelf: jam, tortilla chips, organic popcorn, oil, mustard, canned fruit, rice pasta bowls, aprons. Floor (not pictured). Cleaning and dog supplies.
Household goods (bleach, soap, laundry stuff, tp, trash bags,  tissues,and paper towels). I use the vinegar for cleaning and buy in bulk once a year. In the cooler we keep grilling stuff when not in use, in the white cooler we keep shelf stable lunch supplies. For everything on these shelves I've spent about $8-$10. Thanks to sales, gift cards and coupons.

 My food storage that it is NOT in the kitchen......
Top Shelf: Water, soda for guests, 2nd shelf: baking supplies, sauces, ketchup, 3rd Shelf: Beans, soup, meat, chicken broth. 4th shelf: empty containers (I reuse glass bottles for homemade syrups and glass containers for homemade sauces).  The white thing holds other misc supplies. The kitty litter container holds dog  emergency supplies.            

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